Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit

Imagine owning a pet that requires minimal maintenance but still offers endless entertainment and companionship. Enter the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit – the ultimate starter kit for anyone looking to add a unique and fascinating reptile to their family. With this comprehensive kit, you’ll have everything you need to create a comfortable and enriching habitat for your new leopard gecko, from a spacious terrarium to essential heating and lighting equipment. Whether you’re a first-time reptile owner or a seasoned enthusiast, this kit is sure to provide the perfect home for your scaly friend while ensuring they thrive in their new environment.


The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit is an all-in-one solution for housing and caring for your leopard gecko. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to create a comfortable and stimulating environment for your pet. From the enclosure to the lighting and heating systems, substrate and decor, feeding accessories, health maintenance, and educational material, this kit covers all aspects of leopard gecko care.

Components of the kit

The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit includes the following components:


The kit comes with a glass terrarium that provides a safe and secure living space for your leopard gecko. The enclosure is designed with the gecko’s natural habitat in mind, allowing for easy observation and interaction.

Ventilation system

To ensure proper air circulation and ventilation, the enclosure features a well-designed ventilation system. This helps maintain a healthy environment for your leopard gecko by preventing the buildup of moisture and odor.

Lockable doors

The kit includes lockable doors on the front of the enclosure, providing both security and easy access for feeding, cleaning, and handling your leopard gecko. The lockable feature ensures that your pet is safe and secure at all times.

Background included

The kit also comes with a background that adds a natural and aesthetically pleasing touch to the enclosure. This background mimics the leopard gecko’s native habitat, creating a more visually stimulating environment for your pet.

Lighting and Heating

Proper lighting and heating are essential for the health and well-being of your leopard gecko. The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit includes the following components to meet these needs:

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Dual lighting system

The kit features a dual lighting system, including a daytime and nighttime light source. The daytime light provides a natural daylight simulation, promoting the leopard gecko’s natural behavior and activity levels. The nighttime light, on the other hand, creates a comfortable and dim environment for your pet’s nocturnal habits.

Daytime heat lamp

To provide the necessary heat for your leopard gecko, the kit includes a daytime heat lamp. This lamp helps maintain the optimum temperature range in the enclosure, allowing your pet to thermoregulate as needed.

Nighttime heat lamp

For nighttime heating, the kit also includes a separate heat lamp. This lamp emits gentle heat during the night, ensuring that your leopard gecko remains comfortable and maintains its body temperature without interrupting its sleep cycle.

Temperature and light controls

The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit provides temperature and light controls, allowing you to easily adjust and maintain the optimal conditions for your pet’s well-being. These controls offer convenience and peace of mind, ensuring that your leopard gecko is always in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Substrate and Decor

Creating a natural and enriching environment for your leopard gecko is crucial, and the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit includes the following components to achieve that:

Natural substrate

The kit comes with a natural substrate that reflects the leopard gecko’s natural habitat. This substrate allows for the burrowing and digging behavior that these geckos exhibit in the wild. It also helps maintain moisture levels and promotes a healthy environment.

Hiding spots

Leopard geckos require hiding spots to feel secure and reduce stress. The kit includes hiding spots where your pet can retreat and feel safe whenever it desires. These spots mimic the crevices and burrows that leopard geckos would find in their natural habitat.

Climbing branches

In the wild, leopard geckos often climb on branches and rocks to explore their surroundings. The kit provides climbing branches that allow your pet to exhibit this natural behavior, keeping them physically active and mentally stimulated.

Feeding dish and water bowl

To ensure your leopard gecko has access to food and water, the kit includes a feeding dish and water bowl. These accessories are designed with convenience and hygiene in mind, providing easy access for your pet while maintaining cleanliness in the enclosure.


Proper nutrition is crucial for the overall health and well-being of your leopard gecko. The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit offers the following components to meet your pet’s dietary needs:

Nutrition requirements

The kit provides guidance on the specific nutritional requirements of leopard geckos. This information helps ensure that you are providing a varied and balanced diet that meets your pet’s needs.

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Mealworms and crickets

Leopard geckos primarily feed on insects, and the kit includes mealworms and crickets as recommended food sources. These insects provide essential nutrients for your pet and help stimulate their hunting instincts.


To ensure your leopard gecko receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals, the kit includes recommended supplements. These supplements can be added to your gecko’s diet at appropriate intervals to support its overall health and prevent deficiencies.

Feeding schedule

The kit provides guidelines for establishing a feeding schedule for your leopard gecko. Following a consistent feeding routine promotes proper digestion and prevents overfeeding or underfeeding. It also allows you to monitor your pet’s appetite and health more effectively.

Health and Maintenance

Maintaining optimal health and hygiene is vital for your leopard gecko’s well-being. The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit offers the following components to facilitate health monitoring and maintenance:

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Keeping track of the temperature and humidity levels in the enclosure is essential for your leopard gecko’s health. The kit includes tools and guidelines for monitoring these parameters accurately, allowing you to make necessary adjustments as needed.

Cleaning and disinfection

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the enclosure is necessary to prevent the buildup of bacteria and parasites. The kit comes with recommendations and guidelines for cleaning products and procedures, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for your pet.

Health checks

The kit provides information on how to conduct regular health checks on your leopard gecko. This helps you detect any signs of illness or injury early on and seek appropriate veterinary care if necessary.

Common health issues

Leopard geckos are susceptible to certain health issues. The kit provides a comprehensive guide on common health problems that leopard geckos may encounter, their symptoms, and appropriate measures to address these issues effectively.

Educational Material

Understanding the natural behavior, habitat, and life cycle of leopard geckos is crucial for providing proper care. The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit includes the following educational material to enhance your knowledge:

Care guide

The kit comes with a care guide that provides detailed information on leopard gecko care. This guide covers essential topics such as enclosure setup, feeding, health maintenance, and general husbandry practices.

Species information

To gain a deeper understanding of leopard geckos, the kit includes species information that highlights their natural history, habitat preferences, and unique characteristics. This information helps you shape a more suitable environment for your pet.

Behavior and habitat

Understanding leopard gecko behavior and their natural habitat is beneficial for providing an enriched and stimulating home. The kit provides insights into their behaviors, such as thermoregulation, hunting, and social interactions, and suggests ways to recreate these behaviors in captivity.

Life cycle

Knowing the life cycle of leopard geckos helps you anticipate their needs at different stages of development. The kit includes information on the life cycle of leopard geckos, from egg hatching to adulthood, enabling you to provide appropriate care throughout their lifespan.

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Suitability for Leopard Geckos

The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of leopard geckos. Here are some reasons why this kit is highly suitable for these reptiles:

Leopard Gecko’s natural habitat

The kit takes inspiration from the leopard gecko’s natural habitat, ensuring that the enclosure and accessories closely resemble the gecko’s native environment. This creates a more natural and stimulating environment, resulting in happier and healthier geckos.

Benefits of the kit for Leopard Geckos

The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit offers numerous benefits for these reptiles. The enclosure, lighting, heating, substrate, and decor components provide a comfortable and enriching environment that allows leopard geckos to exhibit natural behaviors and live a fulfilling life in captivity.

Adjustability and customization options

The kit offers adjustable temperature and light controls, allowing you to create the ideal environment for your leopard gecko based on its specific needs. Additionally, the kit provides various customization options, enabling you to tailor the enclosure to your pet’s preferences and create a visually appealing habitat.

Customer Reviews

Here’s what some satisfied users have to say about the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit:

User experiences

“I purchased the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit for my new pet, and I couldn’t be happier. Everything I needed was included, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. My leopard gecko seems to love the enclosure and all the accessories.”

Pros and cons


  • Comprehensive kit that includes everything you need
  • High-quality materials for long-lasting use
  • Enclosure design resembles the leopard gecko’s natural habitat
  • Easy-to-use temperature and light controls
  • Educational material provides valuable information


  • Some users found the enclosure size to be smaller than expected
  • Price may be higher compared to purchasing individual components


Based on customer feedback, here are some recommendations for getting the most out of the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit:

  • Consider the enclosure size carefully based on the number and size of leopard geckos you plan to house.
  • Supplement the kit with additional decor and accessories to further enrich your gecko’s environment.
  • Regularly monitor temperature and humidity levels to ensure they remain within the recommended range.
  • Consult the educational material for additional resources and tips on leopard gecko care.


The Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit provides a comprehensive solution for housing and caring for leopard geckos. With its high-quality components, adjustability, and educational material, this kit offers everything you need to create a comfortable, stimulating, and healthy environment for your pet. Whether you are a beginner or experienced reptile owner, this kit ensures that you have all the tools and resources to give your leopard gecko the best possible care. With its suitability for leopard geckos and positive user experiences, the Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Kit is a valuable investment for any gecko enthusiast.

Overall, this kit offers excellent value for money, providing all the essential components required for leopard gecko care in one package. By following the guidelines and recommendations provided, you can ensure the well-being and longevity of your leopard gecko, while enjoying the fascinating and rewarding experience of owning this unique reptile.